FREE Chigas!!!

    FREE Chigas!!!

    Yes, nagbabalik ang super healthy na pampasarap ng kainang pinoy, ang Chili Garlic Sauce or Chigas na paborito natin!

    *For every grocery orders worth at least 3,000 may delivery discount ka na, may free Chigas* ka pa!

    *And for the first 3 customers of food delivery** everyday from Boodels Lutong Bahay via KUYA JUAN. Lalong pasarapin ang kainang boodels!

    Just don’t forget to say the magic words, “Kuya, #ILoveChigas and I want #FreeChigas please!”

    ☎️ (082) 333.6452 / 324.8181
    📲 0927.558.3583 / 0951.448.9999 / 0921.370.6111
    Or Chat with us here.

    *(1) 100ml bottle of any available variant until supplies last.
    **Sweets, pastries, cakes or desserts, drinks, milkteas and the likes are not included in the promo


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